every moment …

every moment remaining stuck in a tree,

the flight becomes longer delayed.

(C) Copyright Bodansko 2023
All Rights Reserved

i have been posting on twitter …

i have been posting on twitter for the last several years …
that may soon change.

you are welcome to visit my twitter timeline if you would like 🙂

at the level of crickets

all of a sudden
in the grass
with the crickets

© Jimi Bodansko

📸 🎥🎬📽 moi

breathing ….

Every exhurb outside of Ukraine
is aware of their troubles, so insane.
But how much do they really care ?

Soon, we may all find out …
beyond any reasonable doubt,
just exactly how much radioactivity
is in the detectable air ?

We’ll need more mask than some N95,
breathing can be especially vital …
when wishing to stay alive.

Copyright Jimi Bodansko
March 12, 2022

image from Pixabay ~ Engin_Akyurt

and the registration clerk asked, “Name please?”

whispering release ….

outside the window

butterfly screams ….

butterfly screams,
no more nightmares
only dreams come true please

behind closed doors,
quiet is the night
or so it seems ….


drilling the sky for gold

weight upon the shoulders feels good,
cool with freshly spitten snow
where leaves once used to be
almost all things seem to come and go ….
except for maybe a diamond tooth
etched among glorious limbs
drilling the sky for gold

Jimi Bodansko


not a frost, but a dew

there comes along a tune
so sudden and not a moment too soon
does the wolf ever neglect the moon
accepting sounds of light so true
are gifts received dressed in blue
at midnight, there comes forth
not a frost …. but a dew

Jimi Bodansko



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