boat launch

this will be the initial offering in a series of photographs i captured while on one of many river expeditions up in the upper peninsula of Michigan …. where some roads seem to go on forever with no stop signs in sight …. where the forests are so luscious and thick that the oxygen levels totally cleanse the entire body inside and out …. and where there are many sections of rivers that still remain wild and untamed …. Jimi

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4 responses to “boat launch

  • Robyn Lee

    Lovely post Jimi…looks like a glorious journey 🙂


    • jimibodansko

      the upper peninsula is an amazing place especially in the warmer weather …
      think i got some pretty good shots during this particular outing,
      will be sharing some of its wonders in the coming days ahead …
      thanks again Robyn 🙂


  • doncarroll

    very nice jimi and also very a nice tranquil setting.


    • jimibodansko

      thanks Don, this particular boat launch itself was pretty well off the beaten path and was a bit of a trick reaching … had to travel down a narrow dirt road off the main highway a good 45 minutes or so through rough terrain … car, trailer and boat traveling sideways at times in between ancient trees, uprooted roots and rocks and things that look they have been there for a very long time … we finally made it to the clearing in one piece though, ready to set sail ….


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