in the cottage

around that bend we go and low and behold, shiver me timbers … a shelter from the storm, a great escape, a place to gather thoughts and be one with nature, elbow room with plenty of fresh oxygen to toke upon, a safe haven, a homemade restaurant bed and breakfast, a party palace, a photography studio, a writers retreat, a lovers nest so deliciously sweet …. Jimi

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8 responses to “in the cottage

  • bellesogni

    Oh la la!


  • Francina

    Hi Jimi, that cottage looks like the perfect hide-way to me. 🙂

    Ciao, Francina


    • jimibodansko

      hi Francina, this cottage here is the great escape from big city life for sure … back into nature and all its glory where time seems even more precious and casual than the hustle bustle of traffic jams filled with machine noise pollution, glad you liked for sure …. 🙂

      ciao, Jimi


  • Robyn Lee

    Ok – so looks like you found all of heaven on earth this time for sure Jimi!! 🙂 🙂


    • jimibodansko

      Robyn, to be totally honest …. this particular place around this time of year may be one of the most awesome places to be on the whole planet Earth, really …. my friend from the Chicago area had some uncles who lived up here and spent many a summer there while growing up, this is how i found out about this magical heaven as you say and i visit as often as i can …. about a 9 hour drive north of Chicago, but well worth the mileage …. 🙂 🙂


  • doncarroll

    good one jimi. this has lots of spice in the cottage. i’d like to be at a cottage as well. nice to one from you – great lines!!


    • jimibodansko

      thanks for the cool comment as always Don, someday soon i hope to live at this place during the summer months rather than just vacation there …. then find a cool place to live during the winter months to add both variety and perspective to my surrounding environment, hope you are doing well my friend …. 🙂


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