autograph the sky ….

finding diamonds up above
can be tricky to see
until the sun sets
exposing truth
to all who believe

on a clear night
turn your eyes to the sky
that shines for your autograph

make heavens know
you live, you breathe now ….
here on this blue pearl


Copyright 5-18-2014
Jimi Bodansko




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4 responses to “autograph the sky ….

  • Mary Strong-Spaid

    Diamonds in the sky over this blue pearl.
    Nice imagery!
    My dad was always telling me things about the night sky. Some ideas were not as pretty as diamonds and pearls.
    Once he told me that there is a giant colander covering the earth, and twinkling stars are just tiny specks of light shining through the holes.
    Yep. This place we call “Earth” is actually a big grapefruit under a colander in some alien’s brightly lit kitchen. AND there are so many of us and we are so small….the aliens think we are flies.
    I’d laugh and say, “Daaaad, come on! That is NOT true!”
    But then later, as I laid in my bed at night……I would start to wonder. Hehehehe. 🙂


    • jimibodansko

      a grapefruit eh ? maybe, dunno for sure …. lol

      i think Earth is heaven and our atmosphere is filled with angel spirits protecting us from the fiery hellish rays of the sun …. a bit far fetched maybe but that is what i believe and am comfortabe in that notion ….

      what does concern me is that us human beings may be doing too much damage to our atmosphere which may hamper it’s ability to protect us and keep us safe …. Jimi

      thanks for taking the time to make your interesting comment Mary, very much appreciated …. :o)


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