a bluebird flew into this cave
filled with vampire bats
just hanging around,
upside down

bluebird danced his way through the crowd
singing tunes upon notes of life but almost none
of the baseball bats responded,

just sort of hanging there ignoring this show
of uninhibited expression as if nothing was going on,
deadbeats still breathing but silent

one bat however began to lick her fangs
and belted out a whistle along ….
much to the chagrin of fellow gangster members
steadfast on maintaining their etched in stone
kind of ways

as fast as the bluebird was in,
he was out again
only this time with a new friend
salivating at the taste of freedom flight

a new gang was being born
and poised to grow ….

Copyright 4-19-2015
Jimi Bodansko

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