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interaction can be good ....

a place like nowhere else

a place like nowhere else
can be a good place to go
unless somewhere else
has its say so



pearl xx

born from the wreckage

nature’s fireworks ….

kapeesh ?

picnic table

please, have a seat

over here at this table,
we talk …. we communicate
words, sentences, thoughts, feelings ….

connections crisscross
or no comprendez vouski ?

friendship formed perhaps
along the shorelines
of splash

or does it all just turn to ash ?

Copyright 7-2-2018
Jimi Bodansko


spin that wheel

ballot box

ballot box went missing
due to lowly suspicious action,

somebody kidnapped those children
away from their parents,

women’s rights are about to be stolen away
by the swing of a gavel ….

it is time to catch a thief
before cages turn to rusted barbwire.




the truth is never far behind ….

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