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what is this in front of the lens?

picnic table

zooming all the way in ….

zoom in

jet stream ….

freaky ass magnification

whispers with headphones on

what goes around, comes around

stand, march and speak out ….

medicinal music sauce

scars occur,
wounds heal,
let them heal with time

feel the music,
good vibrations
set spirits free ….
catchy tunes are medicine

a caged door
is meant to be open,
bust it down
with vigorous enthusiasm
in rhythm along ocean tides
splashing among shorelines
much more than borderless
land banned from coexistence

surf and turf platters will abide
as tartar sauce meets barbecue ….
where one becomes two
including everybody,
not just a few.

Copyright 4-1-2017
Jimi Bodansko


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