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drilling the sky for gold

weight upon the shoulders feels good,
cool with freshly spitten snow
where leaves once used to be
almost all things seem to come and go ….
except for maybe a diamond tooth
etched among glorious limbs
drilling the sky for gold

Jimi Bodansko


transformations ….

dirt gets wet,
trees grow ….
how startling
these transformations are


wishing well xxxx

born from the wreckage

waking up

peace on Earth

stay ….

dusty pages ….

dusty pages

to communicate
not just for the sake to communicate
but to stand in unison along with multilayered flavors
rising above an illusional grey sky,
to taste sunshine ….

raindrops below begin whispering aloud,
” nourish this planet so life can flourish right now ….
because this planet and right now is what we have in common
for momentary reasons still yet to be discovered. ”

dusty pages gathering as brand new revelations sprout about
in a roundabout kind of way ….
growth is miraculous

Copyright 12-24-2017
Jimi Bodansko




we all have microphones, some utilize them more than others ….

light tower

when you create art,
a trail of bread crumbs becomes left behind

this may someday help someone who is lost,
find their way home across the bay

Copyright 3-28-2016
Jimi Bodansko

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