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cocktail poisoning

cocktail poisoning 12

now add kidnapping and child abduction to the charges Mr. Mueller ….

waking up


your demise began when you lied on day one,
skiing downhill on a slope of bullshit
while hurting innocent bystanders
along the way has caused water
to swirl in rush of a flush ….
just listen to that toilet burp.

Copyright 3-31-2017
Jimi Bodansko

brewing fresh

fbi and me,
we can see
all kinds of trouble
brewing as well as
done brewed.

percolators are about
to sing what the season brings,
leaves will fall come Spring
because you fakester are not only rude
but you are about to get screwed.

Copyright 3-27-2017
Jimi Bodansko

the only way to defeat “alternative facts” …. is with the truth.



this will not stand

the rug

the rug ….

our waves do not match at all

i wave the peace sign,
you fly the middle finger

i like your shit,
you don’t like mine

are you the only one
that’s been through hard times ?

look in the mirror,
i do every fucking day

broken glass shatter my eyes
reminding me that ” pretending ”
is not part of my vocabulary

never has been,
and never will be ….

take that to the bank
and deposit it into the bullshit
safety deposit box
for safe keeping.

Copyright 6-10-2015
Jimi Bodansko

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