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a sad song becomes alive again
only this time with divinity in mind,
search deep within for there are many dreams
to find especially when discovery remains on focus
and in tune ….
listen closely,
there is an ancient jukebox
that plays new releases
all the time

Copyright 4-21-2019
Jimi Bodansko


realistic transformational tune in

what is this reality of a daydream
coming back to us after midnight whispers,
current events waking up with each breath
every moment the song being sung ….
are they in tune,
do they come true ?

Copyright 10-7-2018
Jimi Bodansko



wanna stay in the pit stop for awhile longer where a much needed break from the race becomes relaxation in overdrive

just look at this diversity with at least two things in common …. ( life ) for now anyways, and what is to come

driving towards the Grand Finale

strings are being pulled by the sound of light

what is this in front of the lens?

a train is sliding off the rails ….

current events (another five laid down)

gettin’ ready ….
gotta eat first though,
cheeseburger no chip

most canaries refuse to believe
in the truth even when smashing mirrors,
there is a rock and roll show going on ….

Copyright 8-4-2018
Jimi Bodansko

there is a rock and roll show going on ….

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