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not a frost, but a dew

there comes along a tune
so sudden and not a moment too soon
does the wolf ever neglect the moon
accepting sounds of light so true
are gifts received dressed in blue
at midnight, there comes forth
not a frost …. but a dew

Jimi Bodansko

midnight moon

midnight moon come a howling
so went outside to find out
what the commotion was all about ….
heard bed springs bouncing back and forth
as the night was indeed in full flight,
came back inside where my intimate stranger
yet very close companion of the moment winked
and i winked back ….
all the rest of what happened is secretly filed
under the heading “Fourth Of July”
anytime of year

Copyright 1-27-2018
Jimi Bodansko


justice ….

march ….





voices ….


New York neighbors

navigating vision ….

ships set sail
upon mere circumstance
all around the neighborhood

truth will prevail,
evil does not stand a chance
when confronting good

take that to the bank
and rob them blind
until they finally see.


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