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for goodness sake

for goodness sake


everyday is a play,
collaborating with co-workers
and customers and distributors and dispatchers
and trucking companies and warehouses
and dock workers and logistics personal
and family and friends ….

collaboration is my lifeline
along with oxygen ….

there is no script,
everything is improvised
along the way ….

a true freebird can fly
through the thickest of clouds
and still feel the sunshine
having fun everyday

Copyright 12-3-2015
Jimi “the collaborator” Bodansko


you are more than just your name

you are more than just your name ….

dancing ….

dancing ….

look out the window, there is a parade inside

look out the window, there is a parade inside ….

it had two lights on behind

it had two lights on behind ….


it takes two to tango ….

a nightcap of toe worship

a nightcap of toe worship ….

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