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untitled reblog


there are scratchings on this screen
that no fingernail polish remover
could ever wipe completely clean

some sweeter than sugarcane
sprinkled upon potato pancakes
freshly melted with butter, somewhat insane

others a bit more raunchier and raw
which any springtime sprung on Earth
however warm hearted would coldly dare thaw

then there is this fucking leaf that refused to fall
no matter how much winter barked in its face
with all forgotten ignorance yet ever so timely gall

just what exactly is the leaf trying to say
as it bends in breezes of low blows and
continues to dance along a sway ….
or is it just listening ?

Copyright 2-14-2016
Jimi Bodansko

winter knocks

a leaf falls off the tree
and into the river seaward bound

there is nothing unusual here,
only natural to be found

winter knocks upon doors
and everything gets
a bit colder ….

Copyright 11-3-2015
Jimi Bodansko


kite entangled

kite entangled ….Fall 10-18-2015 …. a casual Sunday in the woods

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