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riding deep into the colors ….

spin that wheel

stand up and speak out ….

boat ride ….

boat ride ….


spin ….

salivating ….

salivating at the mere thought of rebellion,
he sailed upon open waters filled with freedom
leaving in his wake all rules and regulations behind
as the waves whispered, ” bite me ”

Copyright 1-29-2016
Jimi Bodansko



everyday is a play,
collaborating with co-workers
and customers and distributors and dispatchers
and trucking companies and warehouses
and dock workers and logistics personal
and family and friends ….

collaboration is my lifeline
along with oxygen ….

there is no script,
everything is improvised
along the way ….

a true freebird can fly
through the thickest of clouds
and still feel the sunshine
having fun everyday

Copyright 12-3-2015
Jimi “the collaborator” Bodansko


loco motive ….

there is a train rolling down the tracks
and it has no brakes,

only an accelerator pedal that sings,
” going to a go go ….”

climb aboard
if you so desire,
safety goggles are suggested though

Copyright 5-4-2015
Jimi Bodansko

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