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do you prefer watching television
or indulging into deep conversation
filled with joy and laughter shared ?

i know, i know ….
it all depends upon your mood
and the quality of the food.

Copyright 6-5-2017
Jimi Bodansko

whispers with headphones on


afraid of the unknown,
you will never find out
the truth

unless layer upon lies
is what you want to stuff
your mattress with.

Copyright 6-5-2017
Jimi Bodansko

bookstore doors

seemingly endless shelves filled with books
on every subject known,
and unknown for that matter

which one to choose ?
there are so many

a baseball came crashing through
one of the stained glass windows
followed by an absolutely brilliant beam of light
which aimed its way softly upon this certain hardcover
begging to be read

with lustful hands, she peeled back the pages
as her breath raced even faster with each word,
every sentence, all paragraphs entangled together,
chapters expanding ever so deeper into roots of desire
while growing into inevitable climaxes beyond all control ….

the writers heart was now released into her
innermost core, a place of paradise where
vacation dreams come true and eruptions are overdue

two doors across the hallway from each other
were now open and connected by one monumental bridge

Copyright 12-26-2015
Jimi Bodansko

focus ….

flowers are so beautiful
especially when they are blooming
far away fantasies become real
when lenses start zooming

auto focus does not work
unless your mind and body do ….

Copyright 3-7-2015
Jimi Bodansko

wide range

we all have a wide range of emotions
because we are human

let us try our best
to focus in on the best ones ….

the best ones
for everyone

Copyright 2-3-2015
Jimi Bodansko

saxophone ….

there is something about your voice
that brings my saxophone out to play ….

Copyright 11-30-2014
Jimi Bodansko

sweet teeth ….

every sound she makes
so damn sweet,
dentist appointments
almost become routine

until we decide
to taste each other’s tongue

two candy canes
swirling in the night
and it ain’t even Christmas Eve

‘cuz it is Valentine’s Day
365 ….

Copyright 9-29-2014
Jimi Bodansko

privately loud whispers ….

both whispered into
a harmonious scream,
” more, more,
please give me some more …. ”

no time for fake
or mere folklore
give and take
are part of the same team

he ain’t no pervert,
he is a fucking god
she ain’t no whore,
she is a fucking goddess

when lightning and thunder
get together,
they fuck ….


Copyright 6-8-2014
Jimi Bodansko




sparks ….

all senses aroused now,
voices alone yet together
have uncaged passionate beasts within
free to dance upon a chance of mere circumstance

untying that knot
for the moment is now and not the least
for she is his feast and vice a versa
dosie doe dontcha know ?

they find out
if the dare is there ….


Copyright 5-5-2014
Jimi Bodansko


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