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drilling the sky for gold

weight upon the shoulders feels good,
cool with freshly spitten snow
where leaves once used to be
almost all things seem to come and go ….
except for maybe a diamond tooth
etched among glorious limbs
drilling the sky for gold

Jimi Bodansko


Chicago marches ….

in motion ….


the break of day

in the heart

a lot of stuff can be lost ….
car keys, wallet, job and so on

sometimes, gotta dig down deep
to find things that can’t be lost ,,,,
faith, strength, love, passion,
and a good sense of humor among others
cannot be lost

they must be kept in the heart
for safe keeping and sharing ….




a splash of cheese please ….

where have you gone freedom
to do what you want to do,
to go where your compass wants to go ….

imagination says, ” Do them ….
do what you want to do
go where you want to go
take that red stop sign down,
paint it in psychedelic fashion
glow among those fantastic colors
and post it back in the ground
diagonally with pleasure ”

gone is not gone,
not while feet are still above ground
and head is still above shoulders
utilize your macaroni mac
as the noodle is specifically created
to adapt to situations like these currently are

shit, come to think about it ….
why not even add a splash of cheese
if you please

Copyright 5-2-2020
Jimi Bodansko


for a thousand years ….

sound the alarm please ….

virus fog x

riding deep into the colors ….

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