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a launching grid

telephone pole xo


do you prefer watching television
or indulging into deep conversation
filled with joy and laughter shared ?

i know, i know ….
it all depends upon your mood
and the quality of the food.

Copyright 6-5-2017
Jimi Bodansko


afraid of the unknown,
you will never find out
the truth

unless layer upon lies
is what you want to stuff
your mattress with.

Copyright 6-5-2017
Jimi Bodansko



tall chairs

tall chairs ….

twenty toes

pair of shoes
finding socks that fit
oh so right

twenty toes
rock and roll
with pure delight

Copyright 2-10-2016
Jimi Bodansko

for what it’s worth ….

as simple as simple can be,
when you spend some time
with someone that makes
you all happy galore ….

cherish that time,
embrace it for all it is worth
because it is worth everything and more ….

Copyright 1-19-2016
Jimi Bodansko






this land

this land ….


Earth ….

in common or not ….

if you don’t like the same kind of music
or enjoy similar kind of movies
or have any sort of sense of humor ….

then you are absolutely
correct in your presumption
that we really don’t have anything in common
as much as there should be to sing along together
in harmonious fashion

and that is just the way it is

Copyright 12-12-2015
Jimi Bodansko




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