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a bridge

strolling along farm fields
sewn together by cow manure,
i came across a river

how in the hell
do i get to the other side ?

binoculars fell from skies above
landing upon my somewhat sensitive nose

off in the distance,
there was a bridge

hell yeah,
there was a bridge
and i could smell it

Copyright 11-13-2015
Jimi Bodansko

openly ….

you write alright,
but can you say the words out loud
even if only in whispers or shouts
whatever the current mood tides are all about ….

my ears and mind are openly hungry,
feed them please ….

Copyright 11-13-2015
Jimi Bodansko


that’s a damn good question

why ?

people often ask me,
” why did you major in communications at college ? ”

and my answer is quite simple indeed,
” because communications is everything. ”

Copyright 11-11-2015
Jimi Bodansko

listening ….

is my ears favorite thing
to do

opens up my soul
for you

Copyright 11-11-2015
Jimi Bodansko

so do tell ….

telephone sits,
turned on

liberty bell continues to crack its ass,
so do tell ….

Copyright 11-11-2015
Jimi Bodansko


even the blind can see
when doors are open
and ears are clean
to the opening scene

Copyright 11-9-2015
Jimi Bodansko

vocal chords

you write a lot of stuff online,

some of it i would like to know more about
because of curiousity nibbling at my ass

call me if ya want,
maybe we can have a really good
conversation ….


repairs needed

you cherish the sadness
and admire self pity,

relish in the jacuzzi
of pure shit city,

you have a mechanical problem
that needs to go visit the repair shop
where they don’t give out any lollipops,
especially amongst those bottoms who know no tops

Copyright 11-4-2015
Jimi Bodansko

the most important sense is unusually not that common

sense of humor,
do you have one
or did it get lost
somewhere along the way ….

shame about rumor,
usually not that much fun
no matter what cost ….
just ask the night as it turns into day

Copyright 11-4-2015
Jimi Bodansko

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