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hey coronavirus ….

hey coronavirus,
i knows you out there ….


brewing fresh

fbi and me,
we can see
all kinds of trouble
brewing as well as
done brewed.

percolators are about
to sing what the season brings,
leaves will fall come Spring
because you fakester are not only rude
but you are about to get screwed.

Copyright 3-27-2017
Jimi Bodansko

mirror mustard

the mirror is always there
staring back with a glaze of its own

observational reactions determine
that a wrinkled shirt has witnessed scars
even the keenest of vision can see

silence sometimes will grow
before the stand is delivered
through a megaphone on full blast

broken glass seems to provide motivation
for each and every knuckle sandwich
sporting extra mustard.

Copyright 2-26-2017
Jimi Bodansko


ya box ?

ya box ?

mirror, mirror ….

go ahead,
write about anything you want
as long as it is nice and sweet
and compliments your reputation

wiping out at least fifty percent of reality,
let that part of ” the me generation ” embedded in your existence
crack mirrors in half when you ask the question
most everybody is sick and tired of ….

and ” no “,
you are not the fairest of them all.

Copyright 12-19-2015
Jimi Bodansko



what do you do ?

you are standing there
right next to one of your friends,
and someone comes up and punches
your friend in the nose

what do you do ?

smile and wave the peace sign,
or punch that fucker back in the nose
while singing the song ” Imagine ”

not only think about it,
but react to reality ….
do you take a stand
or are you too busy staying quiet
while sitting on your ass ?

Copyright 11-20-2015
Jimi Bodansko


knuckle sandwich

evil has a face
that craves a knuckle sandwich
there is a deli round the corner
kind of serves as my home base

kindness holds a smile so sweet
if shared, would most definitely
be our treat

for all the serious shit out there,
chill the fuck out please
try and have some fun

wait a minute now,
there is no line across the border
only a horizon
and look, it’s the sun ….

Copyright 6-9-2015
Jimi Bodansko

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