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still moving ….

every time the sun rises,
it is planet Earths birthday

on December 25th
horizons shine even merrier,
a legendary lighthouse still moving
along the way ….

Copyright 12-24-2015
Jimi Bodansko





dormancy reborn again ….

lays all the sleeping beauties
waiting to be woke up
by sweet Spring kisses

a tongue lashing unleashed
of sunshine wetness
seeking senses of humor
that will not be hung out to dry

frogs, prince charmings, queen bees,
all crickets in the crowd really
fine tune their voices
as the grand choir prepares for their annual concerto,
hopefully in tune with rotational awareness ….

Copyright 3-7-2015
Jimi Bodansko

wide range

we all have a wide range of emotions
because we are human

let us try our best
to focus in on the best ones ….

the best ones
for everyone

Copyright 2-3-2015
Jimi Bodansko

can we imagine


step up to the plate
and hit your home run,
sparkle down upon
all the glorious fun

enthusiasm so contagious,
our thanks way more than a ton
swing away today
for tomorrow has come ….

we love you Ernie

Copyright 1-25-2015
Jimi Bodansko

in the arms of the angels ….

yeah ….

breakfast ….

leather jacket
made of love ….
bite proof

skeptics, jack asses,
ulcerated critics at large ….

skeeters put in a cereal bowl
to crunch upon

snap, crackle, pop

anybody got a tooth pick ?


Copyright 5-19-2014
Jimi Bodansko


autograph the sky ….

finding diamonds up above
can be tricky to see
until the sun sets
exposing truth
to all who believe

on a clear night
turn your eyes to the sky
that shines for your autograph

make heavens know
you live, you breathe now ….
here on this blue pearl


Copyright 5-18-2014
Jimi Bodansko




a Mothers Day message ….

moms, a Mother's Day message ....

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