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there is light in the darkness, and music too ….

there is light in the darkness, and music too ….

still moving ….

every time the sun rises,
it is planet Earths birthday

on December 25th
horizons shine even merrier,
a legendary lighthouse still moving
along the way ….

Copyright 12-24-2015
Jimi Bodansko





talk about trees ….

talk about trees,
for they are listening ….


lightning bolts ….

lightning bolts can send mediocrity to it’s proper place ….
in shattered glass pieces

mirror, mirror ….

go ahead,
write about anything you want
as long as it is nice and sweet
and compliments your reputation

wiping out at least fifty percent of reality,
let that part of ” the me generation ” embedded in your existence
crack mirrors in half when you ask the question
most everybody is sick and tired of ….

and ” no “,
you are not the fairest of them all.

Copyright 12-19-2015
Jimi Bodansko



for goodness sake

for goodness sake

Christmas trees are screaming ….

can’t you hear them screaming …..

lighthouse ….

re-awakenings ….


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