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still moving ….

every time the sun rises,
it is planet Earths birthday

on December 25th
horizons shine even merrier,
a legendary lighthouse still moving
along the way ….

Copyright 12-24-2015
Jimi Bodansko





ya box ?

ya box ?

mirror, mirror ….

go ahead,
write about anything you want
as long as it is nice and sweet
and compliments your reputation

wiping out at least fifty percent of reality,
let that part of ” the me generation ” embedded in your existence
crack mirrors in half when you ask the question
most everybody is sick and tired of ….

and ” no “,
you are not the fairest of them all.

Copyright 12-19-2015
Jimi Bodansko



spell ….

spell ….

two words ….

two words can be the beginning of a cool story ….



everyday is a play,
collaborating with co-workers
and customers and distributors and dispatchers
and trucking companies and warehouses
and dock workers and logistics personal
and family and friends ….

collaboration is my lifeline
along with oxygen ….

there is no script,
everything is improvised
along the way ….

a true freebird can fly
through the thickest of clouds
and still feel the sunshine
having fun everyday

Copyright 12-3-2015
Jimi “the collaborator” Bodansko


introduce yourself ….

if you can muster up the courage and strength,
strum on some chords and say  ” hey ”

introduce yourself and strike up a conversation,
create memories that do not fade away but stay
embedded in your soul tomorrow as well as today

there is a dance floor and the music is playing,
are you just going to stand there or do you
have something to say ….

Copyright 12-2-2015
Jimi Bodansko


dancing ….

dancing ….

look out the window, there is a parade inside

look out the window, there is a parade inside ….

dental work

deep down within that dental work of yours,
i discovered a smile who needed awakening
and all i could think of at that moment
was to make that smile laugh its ass off

when you laughed, you made me cry tears of joy
because you made me laugh my ass of too ….
thank you

Copyright 11-28-2015
Jimi Bodansko

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