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there’s still fountains down there

medicinal music sauce

scars occur,
wounds heal,
let them heal with time

feel the music,
good vibrations
set spirits free ….
catchy tunes are medicine

a caged door
is meant to be open,
bust it down
with vigorous enthusiasm
in rhythm along ocean tides
splashing among shorelines
much more than borderless
land banned from coexistence

surf and turf platters will abide
as tartar sauce meets barbecue ….
where one becomes two
including everybody,
not just a few.

Copyright 4-1-2017
Jimi Bodansko

moonlight serenade

light tower

when you create art,
a trail of bread crumbs becomes left behind

this may someday help someone who is lost,
find their way home across the bay

Copyright 3-28-2016
Jimi Bodansko


Sunday …. headphones on with eyes closed …. feel the music ….

lucky charms

lucky charms

parachuting ….

jumped off a cliff
because it was there

didn’t need no parachute,
just wanted to kiss salty fucking water
with a splash and a wham bamola

sharks were gliding
beneath wet shadows
amplified by sun shiny thoughts

took a bite out of ones arse,
tasted okay but a bit raw
could of used some kind of special sauce
or seasoning or at the very least ….
a fried green tomato with avocado cheese

Copyright 1-29-2016
Jimi Bodansko


this land

this land ….


Earth ….

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