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bust it out

and the rockets red glare

just look at the things that you do ….

just look at the the things that you do ….


there are scratchings on this screen
that no fingernail polish remover
could ever wipe completely clean

some sweeter than sugarcane
sprinkled upon potato pancakes
freshly melted with butter, somewhat insane

others a bit more raunchier and raw
which any springtime sprung on Earth
however warm hearted would coldly dare thaw

then there is this fucking leaf that refused to fall
no matter how much winter barked in its face
with all forgotten ignorance yet ever so timely gall

just what exactly is the leaf trying to say
as it bends in breezes of low blows and
continues to dance along a sway ….
or is it just listening ?

Copyright 2-14-2016
Jimi Bodansko


paradise ….

a love song

hangin’ out

there was this gang
just hangin’ out on the street corner,
south side of Chicago

did not mean no harm,
just hangin’ out

when trouble came along,
they dealt with it appropriately
and efficiently …. no big whoop,
just standard procedure

that gang is still hangin’ out
on that street corner ….

Copyright 2-2-2016
Jimi Bodansko


order in the court ….

so many verdicts,

jury was misled,
it was the judge
that was guilty.

lawyers laughed
as their pockets
sang jingle bells ….

witnesses puked
because truth was lied to

” order in the court “,
cried the hammer

one very astute listener proclaimed,
” i’ll take a bigger mac with no special sauce please …. ”

somewhere, a pickle has no bun.

Copyright 2-2-2016
Jimi Bodansko




the rug

the rug ….

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