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march on and keep on marching ….


highly controversial
was the common sense individual,
mostly because so many
over complicated a simple way of life

some even brought torture,
libel, slander, betrayal and murder
to the table ….

these are not the most ideal guests
to have over for dinner.

Copyright 3-27-2016
Easter Sunday
Jimi Bodansko

love at first sight

hangin’ out

there was this gang
just hangin’ out on the street corner,
south side of Chicago

did not mean no harm,
just hangin’ out

when trouble came along,
they dealt with it appropriately
and efficiently …. no big whoop,
just standard procedure

that gang is still hangin’ out
on that street corner ….

Copyright 2-2-2016
Jimi Bodansko


ho hum

ho hum ….

still alive, still howling ….

is there still a pack out there ?

ya box ?

ya box ?

two words ….

two words can be the beginning of a cool story ….


before the internet

before the internet ….

obstacles, bring ’em on bitch

obstacles ….

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