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nature’s fireworks ….

midnight moon

midnight moon come a howling
so went outside to find out
what the commotion was all about ….
heard bed springs bouncing back and forth
as the night was indeed in full flight,
came back inside where my intimate stranger
yet very close companion of the moment winked
and i winked back ….
all the rest of what happened is secretly filed
under the heading “Fourth Of July”
anytime of year

Copyright 1-27-2018
Jimi Bodansko


the scream of the butterfly

and the rockets red glare

something strange is going on around here ….



highly controversial
was the common sense individual,
mostly because so many
over complicated a simple way of life

some even brought torture,
libel, slander, betrayal and murder
to the table ….

these are not the most ideal guests
to have over for dinner.

Copyright 3-27-2016
Easter Sunday
Jimi Bodansko

drum sticks

drumstick man that wants full course meal
beg, borrow or steal ….
in order to heal

got it yet,
or maybe a toothpick
is calling for some kind
of guitar pic …..

hey, hey
my, my ….

feel the thunder strike,
omg, i think it’s a northern pike




singing with the rain ….

singing with the rain ….

off in the near distance

lightning bolts blast from a machine gun,
her poetry ignites the screen
any bonfire ever seen
can surely appreciate

my skin is rumbling with thunder,
there may be a storm coming ….

Copyright 6-6-2015
Jimi Bodansko

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