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the scream of the butterfly

order in the court ….

so many verdicts,

jury was misled,
it was the judge
that was guilty.

lawyers laughed
as their pockets
sang jingle bells ….

witnesses puked
because truth was lied to

” order in the court “,
cried the hammer

one very astute listener proclaimed,
” i’ll take a bigger mac with no special sauce please …. ”

somewhere, a pickle has no bun.

Copyright 2-2-2016
Jimi Bodansko



daydreams awaken ….

daydreams awaken
as my lids say,
” open sesame ”

a snowstorm sheds purple flakes
into the cereal bowl that provides traction
to go toboganning down mountains,
across frozen ponds and through hot lava
that just loves to melt

doing this for fun therapy
and because i want to

my eyes are wide shut
as they see beautiful carnival rides ….

Copyright 1-31-2016
Jimi Bodansko


salivating ….

salivating at the mere thought of rebellion,
he sailed upon open waters filled with freedom
leaving in his wake all rules and regulations behind
as the waves whispered, ” bite me ”

Copyright 1-29-2016
Jimi Bodansko


parachuting ….

jumped off a cliff
because it was there

didn’t need no parachute,
just wanted to kiss salty fucking water
with a splash and a wham bamola

sharks were gliding
beneath wet shadows
amplified by sun shiny thoughts

took a bite out of ones arse,
tasted okay but a bit raw
could of used some kind of special sauce
or seasoning or at the very least ….
a fried green tomato with avocado cheese

Copyright 1-29-2016
Jimi Bodansko


bookstore doors

seemingly endless shelves filled with books
on every subject known,
and unknown for that matter

which one to choose ?
there are so many

a baseball came crashing through
one of the stained glass windows
followed by an absolutely brilliant beam of light
which aimed its way softly upon this certain hardcover
begging to be read

with lustful hands, she peeled back the pages
as her breath raced even faster with each word,
every sentence, all paragraphs entangled together,
chapters expanding ever so deeper into roots of desire
while growing into inevitable climaxes beyond all control ….

the writers heart was now released into her
innermost core, a place of paradise where
vacation dreams come true and eruptions are overdue

two doors across the hallway from each other
were now open and connected by one monumental bridge

Copyright 12-26-2015
Jimi Bodansko

ya box ?

ya box ?

spell ….

spell ….

two words ….

two words can be the beginning of a cool story ….


unidentified flying objects ….

unidentified flying objects ….
with different kinds of experiences

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