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oxygen ….

reflecting forward ….

in the quiet of darkness
a night owl reflects back
upon yesterdays occurrences ….

there is still light there
when the moon shows its face
so everything at least seems to be in place

when the grand fireball
finally and thankfully emerges
the time for action begins,
again ….

and by the way,
sometimes there is quite a bit of action
going on within this transitional phase ….

Copyright 5-4-2015
Jimi Bodansko


the question for some is,
” do angels exist ? ”

for others it is,
” can you feel them all around you ? ”

i have died before
and have met them with open arms
they hugged me back,
so really cool

still alive now for the time being anyhow
as my heartbeat coincides with each and every breath ….

” where is my living angel and can i please be hers too ? ”
together, there is such a thing as heaven on earth
just look at all the pink mixing with the blue ….

Copyright 4-29-2015
Jimi Bodansko

understand about waking up too ….

memories of gold ….

the whole idea
of total freedom
is so contagious

that all prisoners
locked inside a closed mind
begin to re-examine
all their bullshit
they’ve been trying
to spread around
has been a wasteland
of under fertilized soil filled with non organic materials

then finally,
when a light turns on
a realization comes to appear
from someplace located somewhere says,

” why waste precious time
when true gold is
worthy enough to find …. ”

Copyright 4-26-2015
Jimi Bodansko

the crossing

out in the gold mind

along side fun traveling companions, proper equipment and supplies, vacationing with attitudes overflowing with sunlight, moonshine and quite occasional enlightening bolt thunders …. the journey can definitely be well worth the trip indeed …. Jimi

in the cottage

around that bend we go and low and behold, shiver me timbers … a shelter from the storm, a great escape, a place to gather thoughts and be one with nature, elbow room with plenty of fresh oxygen to toke upon, a safe haven, a homemade restaurant bed and breakfast, a party palace, a photography studio, a writers retreat, a lovers nest so deliciously sweet …. Jimi

around that bend

probably the best way to find out what’s around that bend is to make that turn …. Jimi

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