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Chicago marches ….

mug shot

a mask of doom
alone in a room
raped itself
in the name of love

all the while,
a carrier pigeon
flew about without a shout
and was mistaken for a dove.

Copyright 8-2-2017
Jimi Bodansko

Chicago style blues

best absorbed at full screen with headphones on ….

train ride through Chicago

the friendly confines …


picnic table

memories of gold ….

the whole idea
of total freedom
is so contagious

that all prisoners
locked inside a closed mind
begin to re-examine
all their bullshit
they’ve been trying
to spread around
has been a wasteland
of under fertilized soil filled with non organic materials

then finally,
when a light turns on
a realization comes to appear
from someplace located somewhere says,

” why waste precious time
when true gold is
worthy enough to find …. ”

Copyright 4-26-2015
Jimi Bodansko

let’s play two ….

Chicago pride ….

snow kissed hood ….

snow kissed hood ....

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