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there is no such thing as immigrants, there is only ” human beings of planet Earth ” among other life forms that all depend upon one another to do the natural thing …. Jimi

counselors ….

kapeesh ?

please, have a seat

over here at this table,
we talk …. we communicate
words, sentences, thoughts, feelings ….

connections crisscross
or no comprendez vouski ?

friendship formed perhaps
along the shorelines
of splash

or does it all just turn to ash ?

Copyright 7-2-2018
Jimi Bodansko


spin that wheel


bike ride ….

no shite ….

and so like i was saying,

my grammer school teacher
she told me,
” Jimi, you can’t write worth a shite ”

i gently butt firmly
put me hand on her arse
and replied,

” maybe you can’t read worth a shite eh ?

she says,
” Jimi, go stand in the corner “:

i says,
” i can’t ”

she comes back,
” why the hell knot ”

i say,
” ‘cuz the room is round bitch ”

it was the day after Columbus Day,
Tuesday i believe ….

Copyright 11-30-2014
Jimi Bodansko

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