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headphones on

midnight moon

midnight moon come a howling
so went outside to find out
what the commotion was all about ….
heard bed springs bouncing back and forth
as the night was indeed in full flight,
came back inside where my intimate stranger
yet very close companion of the moment winked
and i winked back ….
all the rest of what happened is secretly filed
under the heading “Fourth Of July”
anytime of year

Copyright 1-27-2018
Jimi Bodansko


hoot ….

a night owl
gave a hoot
and he thought
there was an echo

but it was someone else
who gave a hoot too ….

Copyright 1-21-2018
Jimi Bodansko


dusty pages ….

dusty pages

to communicate
not just for the sake to communicate
but to stand in unison along with multilayered flavors
rising above an illusional grey sky,
to taste sunshine ….

raindrops below begin whispering aloud,
” nourish this planet so life can flourish right now ….
because this planet and right now is what we have in common
for momentary reasons still yet to be discovered. ”

dusty pages gathering as brand new revelations sprout about
in a roundabout kind of way ….
growth is miraculous

Copyright 12-24-2017
Jimi Bodansko



do you prefer watching television
or indulging into deep conversation
filled with joy and laughter shared ?

i know, i know ….
it all depends upon your mood
and the quality of the food.

Copyright 6-5-2017
Jimi Bodansko

voices ….


understanding can grow ….

we share, we talk and listen,
we learn, we grow ….

what once were questions,
we begin to know

understanding takes root
while a solid foundation is laid

we laugh our asses off
as the future becomes delayed,
for this moment has decided to stay
at least for today

Copyright 9-7-2015
Jimi Bodansko


listening is good,
means that you got ears

standing up and speaking
your peace ….

that means you got guts.

Copyright 6-6-2015
Jimi Bodansko

yes, talking is not over rated ….

just read it please ….

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