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proud flesh

let the healing begin and let it continue please ….

above, below, and in between ….

upon entering the water check out not only the surrounding environment, but peer deep below the surface as well … some sections of the river can be quite abundant with full growth vegetation revealing that there is not only life all around the river but beneath its core too … while navigating this terrain, be mindful of your propeller blades … in this particular section, i could see lily pads and cabbage and flowers and quite possibly some four leaf clovers … hmmmm, maybe today will be a lucky day …. Jimi

boat launch

this will be the initial offering in a series of photographs i captured while on one of many river expeditions up in the upper peninsula of Michigan …. where some roads seem to go on forever with no stop signs in sight …. where the forests are so luscious and thick that the oxygen levels totally cleanse the entire body inside and out …. and where there are many sections of rivers that still remain wild and untamed …. Jimi

a prayer for a friend

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